Halory Goerger

Project management : l’amicale de production.

Co-production / Vooruit (Gand) - Buda kunsten centrum (Courtrai)
Support / DRAC Nord Pas-de-Calais.

Booking and promotion / l'amicale de production.

Métrage Variable is a performance on the idea of variation. It combines a video projection with a solo presence, between stand-up and mutant music hall.

It is built around a set of units (images, sounds, devices). This material is used in six short performances, following a simple rule : every unit has to be used.

Respecting the constraint results in various semantic pirouettes, performed with inegal elegance but in great transparency.
Métrage Variable is a contract between the performer and the audience, which is going straight into the wall - while singing.

Concept & interpretation : Halory Goerger

Lighting : Annie Leuridan / stage management : Maël Teillant / Alice Dussart

Administration : Sarah Calvez
Projects coordination : Mathilde Maillard